For many moms, the process of pregnancy, birth & the early months postpartum aren’t the magical experience you hoped for. Maybe you’re having trouble bonding with your baby, suffering from distressful thoughts, or feeling anxious all the time? If becoming a mother has been a painful transition for you, I can help.

​In my counseling, I provide a gentle, nurturing approach with plenty of safe space for mothers to heal, learn healthier skills, and become the happier, more confident mom you want to be. My style is warm, open, intuitive, and always affirming, meeting you compassionately on your path to healing.

​Are you ready to heal from a traumatic birth?
Break free from anxiety, guilt or shame?
​Start living your life in color again?

I’d love to support your happiness and healing journey.

​- $125 50-min. Session*
​ -$150 75-min. Session*

*Sessions available in office or online via live synchronous & secure video – Now accepting NC BCBS Insurance for counseling services as well.

Please note I am only able to see residents in the state of North Carolina for counseling services at this time. ​

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So you’ve read all the “What to expect” books and online blogs. You’ve decorated the nursery, stocked up on diapers, and even packed your hospital bag. But you don’t really feel “ready.”

Maybe there’s a nagging feeling of worry about how this is all going to go? Or maybe you know how it’s going to go because this isn’t your first pregnancy, and that’s the worrisome part – last time was so hard!

I’ve been there (twice!), and know what it’s like to have so many questions, to be facing so many unknowns and the inevitable birth experience again after a hard first-go of it. It’s a time of excitement and also deep fear when we don’t know what to expect, but having the right support can help you transition through the process more easily and even more enjoyably too!

That’s why I offer a unique and personalized coaching service to support moms through the transition of pregnancy and early postpartum. Using collaborative assessment, strength-building tools, and postpartum planning strategies that help you navigate your unique perinatal journey, I help you feel ready for whatever lies ahead in motherhood.

How does it all work?

“Bloom Beyond the Bump” coaching includes an in-depth initial session where I get to know you and your partner/family. I listen to your worries, your goals and your dreams for early motherhood, and also offer education about the essential strategies for transitioning healthfully into parenthood. I help you explore your natural support network and identify areas that may need more reinforcement once baby arrives, then help you develop and execute the plan to fill in those gaps. I can also help you plan for the birth experience itself to make sure you have what you need to venture through delivery with heart-aligned intention.

My coaching package provides four months of support starting with an initial get-to-know-you meeting, followed by as bi-monthly follow-up coaching sessions with access to my support by phone or text in-between.

Here are the details:

  • After an initial free consultation, we decide a date to get started – ideally sometime between weeks 30-36 of pregnancy.
  • In our initial 75 min. session, I help assess your anxieties, goals, and any unique PMAD risk factors that may be present in your life. This becomes our roadmap for the duration of your perinatal adjustment and our sessions to follow!
  • After our initial visit, we will meet for 8 more coaching sessions (45 min. each) over the course of the next four months to address the following (and more!):
    • 2-3 Exploration Sessions to identify and fortify your existing support network with a comprehensive eco-map and other planning tools.
    • 2-3 Perinatal Support Planning Sessions to identify and establish additional resources that are be needed to optimally support your transition.
    • 2-3 Strategy Sessions to help reinforce your relationship with your partner, build your plan for self-care & sleep, chart health & nutrition objectives, and address any other issues that may arise during the initial postpartum stage.
  • For the duration of your package, you’ll also have access to supportive communication with me by phone, text, or email for any time you need feedback, ideas, reassurance, or reinforcement with your progress!

How is Bloom Beyond the Bump coaching different from a birth/postpartum doula?

Whereas many perinatal support doulas offer hands-on care to you through the birth and the weeks following – they can even cook for you or hold the baby while you sleep!!! – my services are different, like a “doula” for your emotional and mental health.

My mental health training, assessment, and treatment experience as a clinical therapist are extensive, and with specialized perinatal mental health training too, I’m especially skilled at supporting mothers’ emotional health through the perinatal transition.

While I don’t participate in the birth itself, I do help you organize your team, rehearse your plan, prepare for the unknown and feel ready to embrace the process with a full heart and mind. Then afterwards, I hold space for you to honor your unique experience while ensuring you have everything you need to complete a full emotional recovery and healthy transformation into your ideal mother-self.

A few more details:

  • Bloom Beyond the Bump Coaching/16-Week Program = $2500
    • Includes initial 75-min. “get-to-know-you” session
    • 8 follow-up 45-min. coaching sessions
    • In-between check-in access by phone/text/email!
  • Payment accepted by cash, check, Paypal or a major credit card (*processing fee may apply).
  • Insurance does not cover coaching services at this time.
  • Monthly installments/payment plan options are available!


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