Fall and the Matrescent Season

There’s no better time than Fall to remind us all how to beautifully embrace change! With all the spectacular color of the season, it’s sometimes hard to believe that Fall actually signifies the onset of a bleak and unfruitful winter ahead.

We could really liken the transition of becoming a mother in this way, since the bloom of pregnancy is filled with a similar glow of expectancy. But just like autumn’s brilliance fades temporarily into a barren winter landscape, the passage through early motherhood is also marked by moments of cold and lonely disenchantment.

Becoming a mother is a major transition for women and one that comes with a full crop of challenges. Not only does a new mother give up her autonomy, her body and her sleep, but her relationship with others and herself also suffer as she feels compelled to put baby’s needs first. In the meantime, the outside world tells her she should be feeling blissfully happy and joyous through all this change, when in reality she just feels uncomfortable, exhausted and alone.

While transitioning gracefully and beautifully through the season of matrescence may be the cultural ideal, the real experience for most women is not so bright. Instead, the transition is dulled by the natural discomfort of change, and many feel emotionally estranged when they can’t speak their matrescent discomfort out loud. For these reasons, motherhood continues to be a lonesome place for many women, even when they’re surrounded by numerous others who feel the exact same way!

But just like the frost of winter eventually thaws in the early warmth of spring, so does motherhood emerge eventually from the matrescent season in a new light. As matrescence nears its end, there is a natural dawn of hope for mothers as they begin to embrace maternity with confidence and confront the challenges with radiant self-compassion. And while the bloom of matrescence, like winter, does not come without ache or hardship, the rise from both is abundantly joyous.

How are you preparing for your matrescent season this week? Are you finding it hard to feel joy in the daily moments or appreciate the brilliant color of motherhood?

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